Graphviz Mac OS X Builds

It takes some time and effort to build Graphviz on Mac OS X because it requires a number of other software packages which are not already included with Mac OS X. Therefore these binary builds of Graphviz are provided which include all the dependencies and can be installed easily through the Mac OS X installer.

I recommend using the latest stable version, unless you encounter a problem, in which case please try the latest development version to see if the problem has already been resolved.

Feedback may be sent to graphviz-builds-2023@(removethis) or to the graphviz-devel mailing list, but before you do, please check the FAQ for some frequently-asked questions and their answers.

Stable Versions

Graphviz 2.14.1 Intel (8.7MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.12 Revision 3 Intel (8.2MiB) PowerPC (8.5MiB)
Graphviz 2.12 Revision 2 Intel (8.2MiB) PowerPC (8.5MiB)
Graphviz 2.12 Revision 1 Intel (7.5MiB) PowerPC (7.7MiB)
Graphviz 2.12 Intel (10.6MiB) PowerPC (10.8MiB)
Graphviz 2.10 Intel (10.6MiB) PowerPC (10.8MiB)

Development Versions

Graphviz 2.17.20071127.0540 Intel (8.8MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071126.0540 Intel (8.8MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071125.0540 Intel (8.8MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071124.0540 Intel (8.7MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071116.0540 PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071115.0540 PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071114.0540 PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.17.20071113.0540 Intel (8.7MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.15.20071109.0540 Intel (8.7MiB) PowerPC (9MiB)
Graphviz 2.15.20071106.0540 Intel (8.4MiB)
Graphviz 2.15.20071031.0440 Intel (8.4MiB)
Graphviz 2.15.20071029.0440 Intel (8.3MiB)
Graphviz 2.15.20071027.0440 Intel (8.3MiB)